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Dr Yoseph Araya

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Lecturer in Ecology & Environmental Science
  • School of Environment, Earth & Ecosystem Sciences

Professional biography

Dr Yoseph Araya, is a Lecturer in Ecology & Environmental Sciences within the Ecosystems and Biodiversity Research discipline. 

Contact: Yoseph [dot] Araya [at] open [dot] ac [dot] uk

Research interests

My particular research interest is in the functional relationships between plants and their environment (particularly water and nutrients). I especially enjoy integrating experimental studies with field investigations to address research questions. I also am a keen communicator of science and environmental education.

Some recent projects I have been involved include:

  • Soil Moisture gradients and biodiversity in the Cape Flora, Western Cape, South Africa: looking at niche segregation, plant coexistence, ecohydrological management, evolution of plant diversity

  • Alternative valuing of Ecosystem Services for environmental management

  • Intergrating plant and soil micobial diversity in Iberian lowland and highland plant species assemblages, Northern Spain

  • Environmental education for the public and engagement in science, including Citizen Science on water, plants, hedges ...

  • Quantitative Ecology i.e. querying plant record databases for trends and also collaborating with statisticians to test new methods. Recent forays have been in Bayesian approaches.

Teaching interests

I have been an Associate Lecturer with the OU for a number of years, on various science, ecology and environmental science modules (from undergraduate to postgraduate) across faculties. I teach online, face-to-face and in the field, in addition to supporting research students. I particuarly enjoy modules that bridge across disciplines and involve approaches in technology-enhanced learning.

Some modules i have been involved are: Environmental Science (S206/SXF206), Biology of Survival (S295), Environmental Management (T219), Journey's in a changing Environment (U116), SXE390 (Science Project - Environment strand),  ...

I write public education blogs at OU's OpenLearn website.

External collaborations

I have active collaborations with colleagues in other institutions within the UK as well as overseas e.g. Spain, Germany and South Africa.


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In : European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) Conference 2018 (3-5 Jun 2018, Geneva, Switzerland)