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Collaboration, consultancy and licensing

Open University academics, scientists and engineers work at the forefront of new research and technology.

Much of OU research has practical and commercial applications, and we can support you in carrying out specific research in an area of interest to your business.

To discuss how we can support you in carrying out dedicated projects to fulfil your needs, please contact the Enterprise team.

Open University researchers are working with design and manufacturing teams to build kitchens that will allow people to remain in their homes as they age.


OU academics regularly engage in consultancies with businesses and other bodies, to provide applied advice and solutions to pressing day-to-day problems.

A consultancy with the OU will enable you to access expertise to undertake a wide range of research and consultancy projects tailored to your requirements.


Through research, the OU has developed intellectual property that has potential for innovative solutions to your problems, or to develop new markets.

You can access this new technology through licensing agreements or helping us commercialise this through investment in spin-out companies. 

Contract research

OU academics, scientists and engineers work at the forefront of new research, technology and business applications and regularly engage in consultancies and collaborations in their area of expertise. They would be keen to hear from you to find out how we can support you to carry out specific research to fulfil your needs.

Knowledge Exchange Vouchers

We recognise that organisations sometimes find it difficult to make the right choices when it comes to identifying and exploiting the right opportunities. By using our Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) to part-fund organisations, we are helping them make better informed choices, while plugging them into the OU’s knowledge pool and networks.

At the same time, the scheme provides our academics and PhD students with the opportunity to engage with these organisations and apply their relevant knowledge, skills and expertise in practice.

Knowledge Exchange Vouchers are a cost-effective way for organisations to engage with the OU, to solve a problem or undertake a small piece of research.

The £5k, £7.5k or £10k vouchers pay for a defined number of days of academic and/or PhD student consultancy input, delivered on a part-time basis, to help the organisation work on a particularly pressing question or problem, or help them undertake a small piece of research, conduct a literature review, study or analyse data.

Find out how we can work with you

Contact our Enterprise team by email.

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