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Citizenship and Governance

Citizenship and Governance research at The Open University

Governance in contemporary societies is complex. The nation state is no longer always sovereign; a range of other forces work with or against it to create citizens' civil, political and social rights, and their public services.

Our Citizenship and Governance research area is rethinking the changing relationships between states, markets and citizens in the 21st century and the challenges of governance and leadership, such as migration and security.

The research encompasses the macro level down to the micro level – from global issues like migration to the private sphere, via the organizations, structures and practices which create public and social value.

Professor Simon Lee is Director of Citizenship and Governance research at The Open University.

Research specialisms

Justice, borders and rights 

Advancing our understanding of migration; human rights and belonging; global-national-local justice movements.

Governance for public engagement

Investigating comparative, collaborative and networked governance.

Leadership for public and social value 

Leadership of politics, public services and place.

Private lives, public intimacies

Exploring gender and sexuality; relationships, parenthood and children.

Research highlights

Research impacts