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New creative resource for engaging the public about mental health and immigration detention

An Open University PhD student has developed a resource that utilises illustrated narratives (also referred to as “refugee comics”) to build public awareness about the mental health damage to people detained with no time limit in immigration removal centres in the UK.

8th October 2019
Mars sunrise during duststorm

New £1 million grant to study space weather

Open University researchers have received £1 million from the UK Space Agency to contribute to the design of new sensors to study space weather.

4th October 2019
Artist's concept of Kepler 452b, NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle, CC BY

Curious Kids: could humans live on Kepler 452-b?

Can we live on Kepler 452-b? – Year Five, Globe Primary School, London, UK.

Kepler-452 is the name of a star in the constellation of Cygnus (the swan). It’s a star that’s similar to our own sun, but it’s too faint for us to see from Earth without a telescope.

24th September 2019
Elderly couple holding remote home control system

Call for technology and age-friendly cities

An Open University academic is calling for technology to be a consideration in the 8-domain model developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which describes an age-friendly city.

23rd September 2019
Stock image/Shutterstock

Here’s why the internet will always have enough space for all our devices

It seems that every five years, news emerges that the digital sky is falling in. Back in 2010 and 2015, rumours spread that the internet would soon run out of IP addresses. Now, the regulator of Europe’s internet domains has predicted that the region’s 1.91m remaining addressees will most likely run out before 2020.

10th September 2019
Gordon Liu

Cause-related marketing

As The Open University celebrates its 50th anniversary, Gordon Liu, Professor of Marketing Strategy, delivered his inaugural lecture on how effective corporate social responsibility strategies enhance a firm’s reputation with its key stakeholders.

9th September 2019
THE Awards 2019 logo

OU research shortlisted for three THE 2019 awards

Two OU projects which demonstrate the impact of OU research on boosting student retention and on increasing public interest in Art History, have been shortlisted for the Times Higher Awards 2019 and a research project officer has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to geochemical analyses.

4th September 2019
Navy ships

New research grant to develop online discussion platform for the US Navy

An OU academic has received a prestigious research grant to deliver a new online discussion platform for the Office of Naval Research of the US.

3rd September 2019

Researching the effect of wind on Mars

An OU researcher has received a grant for £379,000 from the UK Space Agency to investigate the effect of wind on the landing site for the ExoMars Rover.

20th August 2019
Young man with cerebal palsy on a computer

New online interactive allows young people with life-threatening conditions to talk about sex

A new online interactive which encourages young people with life-limiting conditions to talk about sex and intimacy, is being launched this month (August 2019).

15th August 2019

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