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Shutterstock-131163173 Iceberg

OU PhD reveals decline in marine animals due to reduction in sea ice

An OU PhD student, who graduated in September 2018, found that there has been a decline in the number of marine animals in the Antarctic due to a reduction in sea ice.

15th October 2018
Glasgow workshop

Day 205, Year of #Mygration: OU research project highlights the barriers stopping refugees & asylum seekers from learning

Today’s post is written by OU alumna and manager of the OU's Year of Mygration, Heidi McCafferty. Heidi discusses the aims of the Refugees' Educational Resources Project and summarises a recent practitioner-focused workshop held in Glasgow

17th October 2018
Photo from the workshop held in Glasgow last month

Day 204, Year of #Mygration: Developing a model for open learning by refugees and refugee-support organisations

There are thousands of educational resources available online targeted at refugees & asylum seekers, yet very little information about whether they are fit for purpose. Gabi Witthaus writes today about her involvement in the Refugees' Educational Resources Project (RefER)

16th October 2018
Stop Hate sign in Milton Keynes

Day 203, Year of #Mygration: OU marks the launch of National Hate Crime Awareness Week

To mark National Hate Crime Awareness Week, The Open University is holding a music festival as part of its Year of Mygration, an initiative developed to promote a fairer and more inclusive society. Dr Fidele Mutwarasibo explains more in today's blog post

15th October 2018
Photo of a fence

Day 202, Year of #Mygration: LGBTQI+ Survivors of Trafficking

Dr Avi Boukli was one of two OU Academic Consultants on the stunning recent OU BBC production, Storyville: Jailed in America. Today, Avi explores the issues surrounding supporting survivors of trafficking, particularly those who identify as LGBTQI+

12th October 2018
Mount Etna, Arts Illustrated Studios/Shutterstock

Mount Etna: volcano is sliding towards the sea and now we know why

The southeast flank of Mount Etna in Sicily is sliding towards the sea at a rate of several centimetres a year. This might not sound like much, but the kind of stress that this movement creates inside volcanoes can cause devastating landslides. If, one day, Etna’s movement significantly increases then it could have serious consequences.

11th October 2018
Cartoon image with the text 'slavery convention'

Day 201, Year of #Mygration: Trafficking in human beings: myths and realities

The OU has been working with the BBC to bring you a series of ground-breaking films about slavery in the modern age, now available on BBC iPlayer. Today, Dr Olga Jurasz from the OU highlights the first prosecution in the UK under the Modern Slavery Act, made just last week

11th October 2018
Shutterstock-722925454 Young child drinking water from an outdoors tap

New report into research collaboration around global challenges cites poverty reduction as key priority

A new report and learning resources published this week (8 October 2018) by the Rethinking Research Collaborative, highlight the importance of equitable collaboration for poverty reduction in research that seeks to address global challenges.

10th October 2018
Photo of a young man of colour using tools to build

Day 200, Year of #Mygration: Celebrating the successes of Professor Giles Mohan

On day 200 of the OU's Year of Mygration, we celebrate the successes of Professor Giles Mohan, Director of OU research in International Development. We highlight his recent award and exciting new ESRC project looking at how migration aids growth in Africa

10th October 2018
Blackboard with the words 'do you speak english?' written on it

Day 199, Year of #Mygration: Do enforced language tests help migrants integrate more smoothly?

The Labor opposition party in Australia wrote a letter to the PM last week calling for an immigration policy review to tackle population growth. Miriam Faine from Monash University reflects on Australia’s current policy of making English skills a key part of citizenship

9th October 2018

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