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Day 220, Year of #Mygration: Migration 2018 - What's currently happening?

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In today’s post, we delve into statistics on people risking their lives to reach Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. The data compiled by the International Organization for Migration is accessible on the OU's OpenLearn platform. The statistics outlined in the training material, are dated June 19th, 2018. Deaths at sea of people trying to cross to Europe continues to be a worrying phenomenon, as of November 4th, 2018, 1,989 people are reported missing or dead in the Mediterranean. 

We've been watching what happens to migrants risking their lives in the Med to reach Europe over the last two years. This update from the International Organization for Migration captures the situation up until June 2018.

IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 40,073 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea through the first 24 weeks of 2018. That total compares to 80,683 at this time last year, and over 215,000 at this time in 2016. 

In other words: Mediterranean arrivals at this point in 2018 are running at under half last year’s level on this date, and about 18 per cent of 2016’s volume at this point in the year.  Deaths, too, are much lower than at comparable periods of the past two years. In 2017, IOM’s Missing Migrants Project reported 2,106 deaths through 19 June; at this time in 2016 the figure was 2,999 – or over three times 2018’s estimated total of 857. 

Worldwide, IOM’s Missing Migrants Project has recorded 1,508 people who died or went missing while migrating in 2018. 

Missing Migrants Project data are put together by IOM staff but come from a variety of sources, some of which are unofficial. Find out more information about how data on migrants' deaths and disappearances are collected.

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