Investigating life beyond Earth

Dr Karen Olsson-Francis, who was awarded the Individual runner-up prize, is a world-leading researcher in Astrobiology, investigating the potential for life to exist beyond Earth.

Over the last decade she has built up a world-leading research group, AstrobiologyOU, comprising eight researchers, secured over £8.1 million in external research funding, published 28 world-leading publications, and made significant contributions to supporting the global research community.

Continuing to be the most innovative university in the world

The OU’s Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) was awarded the Team runner-up prize.

KMi constantly delivers value to the OU through its global research impact (from over 180 research projects) and as a technology innovation hub (with over 90 new technologies developed).

The KMi team is confident that the tech developments that they have in the pipeline will enable The Open University to continue to be the most innovative university in the world.

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