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Photo of a fence

Day 163, Year of #Mygration: Modern Slavery – An International Human Rights Perspective

As three people in Rochdale were sentenced this week under the Modern Slavery Act for arranging the travel of another person for the purposes of exploitation, today we bring you a free online course to help understand more about what modern slavery is (rated 5 stars)

17th August 2018
Personal family photo from Dr Agnes Czajka

Day 162, Year of #Mygration: What makes a home?

Today, Dr Agnes Czajka, Lecturer in Politics and International Studies at the OU talks about her recent Open Forum collaboration as part of the Milton Keynes International Festival that took place at the end of July

16th August 2018
Logo of the Islamic Centre, Milton Keynes

Day 161, Year of #Mygration: Walking For Peace

With the media full of stories of division, allegations of anti-semitism, islamophobia & information emerging around yesterday’s incident in Whitehall, today we focus on those challenging these narratives through positive action, encouraging messages of tolerance

15th August 2018
Shutterstock-695842726 Student working on a laptop

Funding announced for almost 400 new doctoral places in arts and humanities

The Open University, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are pleased to announce the success of their bid for funding for the Open-Oxford-Cambridge Arts and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Training Partnership.

15th August 2018
Outside a UN building

Day 160, Year of #Mygration: Promoting the participation of internally displaced people in decision making

Today, Jo Mountford, International Advocacy Advisor at Christian Aid, talks about the GP20 campaign through which Christian Aid have been bringing the voice of internally displaced people to the heart of decision-making in the UN

14th August 2018
Lady Gaga has apologised for a tweet about ‘Zombie Boy’ Rick Genest’s death. shutterstock

Lady Gaga’s Twitter blunder and why speculating about suicide after a celebrity death is problematic

Lady Gaga’s apology “if I spoke too soon” about the tragic passing of Rick Genest – a Canadian artist, actor, and fashion model, also known as Zombie Boy – highlights how difficult it can be to talk about sudden and unexpected deaths.

13th August 2018
Migrants crossing the sea by boat - picture courtesy of Karam Yahya

Day 159, Year of #Mygration: From Syria to Scandinavia - Navigating the Refugee Reception Crisis

Since 2015, Europe’s so-called 'refugee crisis' has been the centre of intense debate. But what if we began to look at it as a refugee reception crisis? The OU's Dr Victoria Canning talks to Alaa Kassab & Karam Yahya, who were both forced to leave Syria, and now live in Europe

13th August 2018
For the many, not the…who? EPA/Andy Rain

We live in a populist age – but who are ‘the people’?

Populism is seemingly sweeping the globe, threatening the established status quo. Optimistically, it promises to bring about much needed change to what appears to be a corrupt political and economic order. More ominously, it is dangerously promoting racism, sexism, xenophobia, jingoism, and attacking basic human rights around the world.

10th August 2018
Islamic veil

Day 158, Year of #Mygration: Understanding the Veiling Debate

Following Boris Johnson's controversial comments made in the press this week, and subsequent uproar, a free 10 hour Open University course (rated 5 stars) is now available which looks at the Islamic 'veil', be it in the form of the hijab, niqab, jilbab or burqa

10th August 2018
Naya River, Colombia

Day 157, Year of #Mygration: Internal Displacement Continues Despite Peace Agreement in Colombia

Research, Evidence & Learning Advisor, Kas Sempere from Christian Aid, highlights the ongoing effects of displacement & violence on a rural Afro-Colombian community, despite the formal FARC-Colombia Government peace settlement that ended 52 years of armed conflict

9th August 2018

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