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Woman comforting a depressed man

New research to address mental health challenges in Guyana

An OU academic is leading an ambitious new research project to address mental health challenges in Guyana.

8th April 2019
Student outdoors with textbooks and headphones

Supporting part-time PhD students

Providing support to part-time and distance learners is the OU’s speciality.

5th April 2019
Coins in hand

New grant to research the impact of incubators and accelerators on UK businesses

An OU researcher is part of a team which has received funding for a research project on the impact of incubators and accelerators on UK businesses and its overall competitiveness.

5th April 2019
Methane detected at Mars’ Gale Crater (the centre picture). Kevin Gill/Flickr, CC BY-SA

Methane on Mars: a new discovery or just a lot of hot air?

The discovery of life on Mars would get pretty much everyone excited. But the scientists hunting for it would probably be happy no matter what the outcome of their search – whether life turned out to extinct, dormant or extant.

5th April 2019

Uneasy Brexit: What went wrong?

Brexit was due to happen today (Friday 29 March). Even the Supreme Court accepted the idea that giving notice under Article 50 was like pulling a trigger and the bullet would hit its target. So, what went wrong with the Metaphorical Brexit? 

29th March 2019
Robot fingers pointing to laptop

Developing touch-based robotics for the arts industry

An OU researcher is leading a project to design new haptic (touch-based robotics) for the UK arts industry.

26th March 2019
Community gardener and book - photo by Jan van Duppen

Research into how urban gardening helps people to make sense of life

An OU academic has been funded to research how urban gardens can help people to make sense of their lives and their environment.

21st March 2019
Monsoon clouds approach in India

Indian summer monsoon amplified global warming 130,000 years ago, helping end ice age

The past may be a surprisingly useful guide for predicting responses to future climate change. This is especially important for places where extreme weather has been the norm for a long time, such as the Indian subcontinent.

19th March 2019
Woman reading a book

Imperfect and absurd, the modern literary heroine is a woman of our times

The way women are portrayed is changing. In film, The Favourite has won numerous awards and features three women, variously wild and untameable, as joint protagonists.

18th March 2019
Starry sky

New research grant for X-ray observatory to examine the Universe

OU researchers have been awarded £979,000 from the UK Space Agency to develop an X-ray observatory to get clearer images of the Universe.

15th March 2019

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