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One Euro

Eurozone is recovery resistant but it could also be recession-proof

For years, the eurozone has grown more slowly than the US and its growth has been unbalanced. Germany has enjoyed strong external trade and GDP growth while Italy and France stagnate, and some smaller members submerge.

15th January 2019
Change Ahead sign

Why it's time to rip up the political playbook and imagine a truly new global order

The new year has not ushered in a fresh political start. The problems and divisions of 2018 have carried over to 2019. Brexit in the UK and the government shutdown in the US provide little optimism for either compromise or genuine change.

11th January 2019
Planet earth behind the far side of the moon

Chang'e 4: why the moon's far side looks red in new images

The first ever images taken from the surface of the far side of the moon have been released following the Chinese National Space Administration’s (CNSA) successful landing there.

10th January 2019
Student holding a diploma

New grant to develop blockchain technology for learning

The OU’s Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) is playing a lead role in a project which will use blockchain technology to allow learners to manage and verify their educational and employment qualifications.

8th January 2019
McDonald's Happy Meal, TY Lim via Shutterstock

Fast-food chains use cute animal toys to market meat to children – new vegan ranges pose a dilemma

Being vegan appears to be all the rage in Britain. The news that McDonald’s has launched a new plant-based “Happy Meal” for children based on a vegan “wrap” would seem to bear this idea out.

7th January 2019
The Moon, NASA/Flickr

China lands on the far side of moon – here is the science behind the mission

In a spectacular few days for solar system exploration – during which NASA whizzed the New Horizons spacecraft past the Kuiper Belt object 2009 MU69 (somewhat controversially nicknamed “Ultima Thule”) and eased OSIRIS-REx into orbit about the asteroid Bennu – the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) has set its Chang'e 4 lander and rover down on the far side of the moon.

4th January 2019
Hiroshima devastation. US National Archives

‘They died with stones in their mouths’: Hiroshima’s last survivors tell their stories

At 84, Shoso Kawamoto is one of the few surviving hibakusha – the Hiroshima atomic bomb survivors – orphans, still telling his story.

3rd January 2019
The solar system’s largest volcano Olympus Mons on Mars, seen by Viking 1. NASA/JPL

From volcanoes on Mars to scarps on Mercury – how places on other worlds get their names

The New Horizons spacecraft, which flew past Pluto in 2015, successfully completed a flyby of “Ultima Thule”, an object in the Kuiper belt of bodies beyond Neptune on January 1, 2019.

3rd January 2019
Female researcher using microscope

How OU research impacted on the world in 2018

As 2019 begins, OU research looks back on its impact on 2018, which ranges from discovering a new planet, to tackling fake news, to understanding reading habits from the past to today.

3rd January 2019

New grant to bring mathematical meaning to the concept of order

An OU researcher is leading a research project aimed at understanding mathematical structures which display a particularly interesting kind of order, which could have implications for the design of smart materials.

2nd January 2019

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