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Dr David Morse

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Computing & Communications
  • david.morse

Research interests

My primary research interest is in biodiversity informatics, specifically in information extraction from the legacy scientific literature. The research challenges that I am investigating through these projects include:

  • Big data - the source data is the biodiversity literature. The legacy print literature in this domain has been estimated to run to 300 million pages.
  • Noisy data - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) errors introduced during the scanning process means that up to two thirds of named entities (e.g. scientific names) are rendered incorrectly; simple spell checking or look up against an authority is not sufficient to address this problem, so the context of use is very important.
  • Disambiguation - taxonomic nomenclature calls for unique names only within Kingdoms, hence there is a bacteria genus 'Bacillus' and an insect genus 'Bacillus' that need to be distinguished.
  • Domain specific terminology - the literature makes extensive use of terse language, abbreviations and special characters such as male ♂ and female ♀, and also mixes Latin formal descriptions with vernacular text. 


I am involved in the BBSRC-funded SysMIC project (Systems Training in Maths, Informatics and Computational Biology;, which has developed and is presenting distance learning courses in the fundamentals of systems biology. The project is a consortium of UCL, Birkbeck, Edinburgh and the Open University.

Teaching interests

I have worked on a number of modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level. At postgraduate level, these have included M815 and M865, both of which were on project management. At undergraduate level I have worked on the Java modules M254 Java Everywhere and M257 Putting Java to Work; and the interfaculty module on the environment, U216. At level 1, I have worked on the introductory computing modules M150 Data, computing and information, TU100 My digital life, and TM112 Introduction to Computing and Information Technology 2.

Virtual Team Working

I have chaired modules on virtual team-working and co-authored others, including M258 IT Project and Service Management, M253 Team Working in a Distributed Environment. and M891 Collaboration in virtual project teams.

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Centre for Research in Computing (CRC)CentreFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology


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Liberate your historic data with The Open University (2013-09)
Morse, David and King, David
Open University
ABLE Software (2010-02-22)
King, David; Willis, Alistair; Dil, Anton and Morse, David
The Open University
ABLE Corpus (2010-02-22)
Willis, Alistair; King, David; Morse, David; Dil, Anton; Lyal, Chris and Roberts, Dave
The Open University