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Miss Hannah Sargeant

Profile summary

  • Research Student
  • Research Student
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Physical Sciences
  • hannah.sargeant

Professional biography

Having obtained a BSc in Physics at the University of Sheffield, I then completed my PGCE at Loughborough University where I became qualified to teach physics and maths. After working as a science and physics teacher I then went to the University of Leicester where I was awarded an MSc with distinction in Space Exploration Systems. I am now studying my PhD at the the Open University in volatile extraction from the lunar south pole.

Research interests

During my MSc I completed a 6 month international research project with other MSc students. The aim of the project was a pre-phase A study of a mission to Mars to establish a permanent infrastructure to support a series of manned missions to the Martian surface, with a focus on ISRU. Personal contributions include a study of instruments past and present that are looking for water on Mars, and the selection of instruments required to conduct further analysis to determine a suitable landing site for ISRU facilities.

My current research focuses on the development of a breadboard model of the ProSPA instrument due to land on the lunar south pole in 2021 as part of a joint ESA/ROSCOSMOS mission. I am looking at In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) techniques to extract water from lunar regolith. 

Impact and engagement

I am a STEM ambassador and I won the 'I'm a Scientist, get me out of here!' national competition for the Space Exploration zone. I enjoy visiting schools to run space balloon projects and deliver career talks. I also help to deliver science activities at STEM events.


Determining Trafficability of Pyroclastic Deposits and Permanently Shaded Regions of the Moon Using Boulder Tracks (2019)
Sargeant, H. M.; Bickel, V. T.; Honniball, C. I.; Martinez, S. N.; Rogaski, A.; Bell, S. K.; Czaplinski, E. C.; Farrant, B. E.; Harrington, E. M.; Tolometti, G. D. and Kring, D. A.
In : Lunar ISRU 2019 (20-22 Feb 2019, Columbia, Maryland, United States) ((In Press))
Experimental Development and Testing of the Reduction of Ilmenite for a Lunar ISRU Demonstration with ProSPA (2019)
Sargeant, H. M.; Abernethy, F.; Anand, M.; Barber, S. J.; Sheridan, S.; Wright, I. and Morse, A.
In : Lunar ISRU 2019 (20-22 Feb 2019, Columbia, Maryland, United States) ((In Press))
Hydrogen Reduction of Ilmenite in a Static System for a Lunar ISRU Demonstration (2018)
Sargeant, H. M.; Abernethy, F.; Barber, S. J.; Wright, I. P.; Sheridan, S.; Landsberg, P.; Morse, A. D.; Anand, M. and Reiss, P.
In : European Lunar Symposium (ELS) 2018 (14-16 May 2018, Toulouse, France)
ProSPA: the Science Laboratory for the Processing and Analysis of Lunar Polar Volatiles within PROSPECT (2017-03-20)
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In : 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (20-24 Mar 2017, The Woodlands, Houston, Texas)
Hydrogen reduction of ilmenite as an ISRU demonstration for ProSPA (2017)
Sargeant, H.; Abernethy, F.; Wright, I. P.; Barber, S.; Sheridan, S.; Morse, A. and Anand, M.
In : European Lunar Symposium (ELS) 2017 (2-3 May 2017, Munster, Germany)