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Dr James Dooley

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HarpCI, Empowering Performers to Control and Transform Harp Sounds in Live Performance (2019)
Di Donato, Balandino; Dooley, James and Coccioli, Lamberto
Contemporary Music Review, 38(6) (pp. 667-686)

Live Electronics in Practice: Approaches to Training Professional Performers (2013-08)
Bullock, Jamie; Coccioli, Lamberto; Dooley, James and Michailidis, Tychonas
Organised Sound, 18(2) (pp. 170-177)

Scintilla for dancer, clarinet and live electronics (2019-05-05)
Johnson, Liz; Dooley, James; Hurst, Dane and McNeill, Jack
Sound and Music

rive (moog) (2018-06-24)
Dooley, James
Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham, UK. [Performance].

rive: splitting sound and light (2017-12-09)
Dooley, James

arK1a (2017)
Dooley, James

Equinode II (2016-10-22)
Dooley, James and Di Donato, Balandino
Integra Lab, Birmingham.

esthesis (2016-05-31)
Dooley, James

entryiseasierthantheexit_exit (2016-02-01)
Dooley, James

entryiseasierthantheexit_entry (2016)
Dooley, James

colligation (Moog): exploring the confluence of gesture, light and the Moog System 55 analogue synthesiser.
Dooley, James

Sabri, Sonia; Dooley, James and Di Donato, Balandino

formuls: audiovisual performance at SPECTRA Festival, Malaysia
Dooley, James

formuls: performance at sonADA Festival
Dooley, James

formuls: performance at Electric Nights Festival, Athens, Greece
Dooley, James

Dooley, James and Di Donato, Balandino