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Year of Mygration

Migrants and migration matter to The Open University and to all of us.

2018 is The Open University's Year of Mygration. The Open University is ‘open to people, places, methods and ideas’ so has always welcomed migrants as students and staff, and has encouraged pioneering methods of learning, teaching, research and engagement around the themes of migration, refugees, mobility and belonging.

Our Year of ‘Mygration’ emphasises that we are all affected by migration, whether or not we ourselves or immediate families are migrants. The issues of migration are vital to understanding not just current UK politics but also the world’s economies and communities.

Every day we share a reflection on the broad theme of migration which showcases the work of the OU academics and our partners. Be it a short blog, podcast or archive clip, tweet or link.

January 2018 began with a series of reflections on being ‘Open to People’. February continued with the theme ‘Open to Places’, March focussed on 'Open to Methods' and April on being 'Open to Ideas'. In the following months, we will continue reflecting on migration-related political and social developments and share relevant activities and research of the Open University.

The Year of Mygration is a collaboration between the Citizenship & Governance and the International Development & Inclusive Innovation Strategic Research Areas of the OU

Theresa May

Day 187, Year of #Mygration: Chequers plan and the Irish border

'The EU has been unwavering in its insistence on an Irish backstop that protects the existing border arrangements in Ireland.' Simon Usherwood from the University of Surrey looks at the 'Chequers plan' and argues why Theresa May’s Brexit blueprint is not quite dead

21st September 2018
Sinn Fein leaders Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O'Neill

Day 186, Year of #Mygration: Brexit's impact on Stormont

"Just as the issue of the Irish border remains the chief obstacle to an agreement on Brexit, so Brexit remains the chief obstacle to an agreement at Stormont". Peter John McLoughlin from Queen's University Belfast, explores this further

20th September 2018

Day 185, Year of #Mygration: What are the borders of Europe?

Today we feature an excerpt from a free course hosted on the OU's FutureLearn platform, 'European Culture and Politics' from the University of Groningen. As we focus on Brexit & its impact on the Irish border, this course explores where the EU border stops

19th September 2018
Giants Causeway

Day 184, Year of #Mygration: Northern Ireland’s dance to the music of time of Brexit

Following on from yesterday’s summary of the Northern Ireland border settlement, Dr Leslie Budd, a Reader in Social Enterprise in The Open University’s Faculty of Business and Law expands on this complex issue

18th September 2018
Where the EU meets the UK: Ireland is in the foreground at this border point in County Bridge

Day 183, Year of #Mygration: What do I need to know about the Irish/UK border question?

As The Guardian reports today that the Brexit negotiations have reached an 'impasse over the failure to find an acceptable solution to avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland after the UK leaves the EU', this week, our Year of 'MYgration' focuses on the Irish border

17th September 2018
Map of Asia Pacific

Day 182, Year of #Mygration: International healthcare worker migration in Asia Pacific

Yesterday, Professor Parvati Raghuram highlighted the reliance of the NHS on staff from overseas. Today, Professor Nicola Yeates shares her paper which examines the impact importing health care workers from middle and low-income countries has

14th September 2018
NHS leaflet from 1948

Day 181, Year of #Mygration: How the NHS has always relied on overseas labour

This article was written by Parvati Raghuram, Professor of Geography and Migration at The Open University. In this piece, recently written for the OU's Brexit Hub, Professor Raghuram explores how the NHS has depended on foreign workers since its creation

13th September 2018
Arun leading the workshop

Day 180, Year of #Mygration: How 'HOPE not Hate' are using 'Deep Canvassing' to change perceptions

Last week we highlighted the 'Weaving Trust' methodology to promote social cohesion. Arun Devasia from HOPE not Hate has written a piece for our partner, Counterpoints Arts, to highlight a method of 'empathetic listening & Socratic questioning', 'Deep Canvassing'

12th September 2018
Patrick Page from Duncan Lewis

Day 179, Year of #Mygration: More than 100 pregnant women detained in UK removal centres since major review called for ban

An article in the Independent has highlighted that 104 pregnant women have been detained over the past 2 years. The views of Patrick Page, senior caseworker in public law at Duncan Lewis & a hugely valued contributor to the OU's Refugee Week, were featured

11th September 2018
Photo of celebrations at the Milton Keynes Hindu Association

Day 178, Year of #Mygration: Milton Keynes Hindu Association marks one of the largest religious festivals in the world

Last week marked one of the largest religious festivals, celebrated by 930 million people around the world, Krishna Janmashtami. The Hindu Festival marks the birthday of Krishna. OU colleagues attended the festival organised by the Milton Keynes Hindu Association

10th September 2018

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