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Year of Mygration

Migrants and migration matter to The Open University and to all of us.

2018 is The Open University's Year of Mygration. The Open University is ‘open to people, places, methods and ideas’ so has always welcomed migrants as students and staff, and has encouraged pioneering methods of learning, teaching, research and engagement around the themes of migration, refugees, mobility and belonging.

The Vice-Chancellor convened a gathering on these themes in 2017 and welcomed the idea of a sustained focus on migration during 2018. Our Year of ‘Mygration’ emphasises that we are all affected by migration, whether or not we ourselves or immediate families are migrants. The issues of migration are vital to understanding not just current UK politics but also the world’s economies and communities.

Every day we share a reflection on the broad theme of migration which showcases the work of the OU academics and our partners. Be it a short blog, podcast or archive clip, tweet or link.

January 2018 began with a series of reflections on being ‘Open to People’. February continued with the theme ‘Open to Places’, March 'Open to Methods' and April scheduled to focus on being 'Open to Ideas'.

The Year of Mygration is a collaboration between the Citizenship & Governance and the International Development & Inclusive Innovation Strategic Research Areas of the OU.

Day 81, Year of #Mygration: What is belonging and why does it matter in the age of diversity?

Written by Marco Antonsich, Department of Geography, Loughborough University.

24th April 2018

Day 80, Year of #Mygration: Interdisciplinary Belonging Symposium

Simon Lavis reflects on the Interdisciplinary Belonging Symposium which took place at The Open University on 18/19 April 2018.

23rd April 2018

Day 79, Year of #Mygration: Moral Economy and the "Refugee Crisis"

Written by Dr Avi Boukli, The Open University and Dr Flora Renz, the University of Kent

20th April 2018

Day 78, Year of #Mygration: The UN Global Compact on Migration must recognise the positive drivers of immigration

Written by Dr Kesi Mahendran, a social and political psychologist working on migration-mobility, non-mobility, belonging, integration and citizenship - including public narratives of European citizenship.

19th April 2018

Day 77, Year of #Mygration: OU Law School Symposium on Belonging

An interdisciplinary Symposium on Belonging is taking place today and tomorrow (18-19th April) at the Open University Law School.

18th April 2018

Day 76, Year of #Mygration: How an artist-academic collaboration worked to amplify migrant women's voices

Artists and researchers collaborated with migrant families to address complex, politically and emotionally challenging issues in a nuanced way. Written by Erene Kaptani, Umut Erel, Maggie O’Neill, and Tracey Reynolds.

17th April 2018

Day 75, Year of #Mygration: We are all displaced

Written by Dr Alena Pfoser, Loughborough University and Dr Sara de Jong, Open University.

16th April 2018

Day 74, Year of #Mygration: The Ethics and Politics of the Migration and Refugee Crisis

The ethics and politics of the migration and refugee crisis: OU collaborations, written by Dr Giota Alevizou.

13th April 2018

Day 73, Year of #Mygration: Who's caring for the front line workers?

Who’s caring for the front line workers? Dr Vita Terry puts forth the idea of using an ethics of care perspective to explore the pressures frontline workers face in the voluntary sector.

12th April 2018

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