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Enduring Love? Findings, Dialogue, Future Directions

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  3. Enduring Love? Findings, Dialogue, Future Directions

Tuesday 14 January 2014, 12:30-18:00
The British Library, Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB

From the 7 year itch to the 3 year glitch. From grey divorce, Facebook affairs and cheating love rats to sumptuous celebrity weddings, childhood sweethearts and the power of love to conquer all adversities. Stories about couple relationships saturate the media. But does this reflect how people think about and experience their relationships? How do couples work through their ups and downs, pains and pleasures, hopes and fears?  What constitutes relationship success? What makes love endure?

Over the past two years the Enduring Love? project has been addressing these questions. The data from this large scale empirical study provides fresh insight on the lives, loves and lores of couples in contemporary Britain. Through an online survey and qualitative research we have been exploring how couples experience, understand and sustain their long-term relationships, with particular attention to the impact of gender, generation, sexuality and parenthood.

The project has been designed, developed and implemented in dialogue with policy makers, relationship support organisations, media commentators and academic colleagues. The aim of this event, therefore, is to launch the study findings and also to provoke wider discussion on making research count, why relationship research matters and dialogic research practice.

To hear the study's findings and critical debate about the scope and relevance of relationship research by leading contributors in the field, you are warmly invited to join us at this end of project celebratory event.

The event is hosted by Dr Jacqui Gabb and Dr Janet Fink, Department of Social Policy and Criminology, The Open University.

Visit the CCIG website for the full event programme and registration

Listen to the audio recordings from this event for key findings

Enduring Love? final event Opening Remarks:

Enduring Love? Final Event Study and Findings:

Enduring Love? final event Making research count:

Enduring Love? final event Why relationships matter:

Enduring Love? final event Discussants Panel:


  • Relationship Education Resources

    Relationship education Big Ben

    OU-Brook online relationship information resources for young people and an eLearning teaching pack designed for use in schools as part of sex and relationship education (SRE) curriculum are launched at the House of Commons (13/09/16), in an event hosted by cross-party MPs.


  • Impact Award

    Jacqui Gabb impact award

    In recognition of its innovative and wide ranging impact and public engagement activities, the inaugural Evelyn Gillian Research Impact Award (2016) was awarded to Jacqui Gabb at the International CRFR conference in Edinburgh.


  • Relationship Handbook

    Relationship handbook

    Findings have been published for a general readership in a self-help handbook, simultaneously serialized by the Daily Mail (1-5/02/2016). The Secrets of Enduring Love was launched at the Art of Relationships event hosted at the Royal Society of Arts, London, with a live performance from David McAlmont and Guy Davies.