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The Society Matters blog, hosted on the Open University Platform website, seeks to inform, stimulate and challenge our understanding of this changing world and of our humbling role within it. The blog brings a lively mix of analysis and opinion to a wider audience and engages students with the realities of what is often a harsh and cruel world, racked by social and economic divisions, human self-doubt and vulnerability. The contributions to the blog are provided by the Open University academics and researchers.

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Society Matters newspaper archive

Society Matters Newspaper was created in 1998. It was a print predecessor to the Society Matters Blog. It has sought to engage readers with those realities which make up everyday life. It has championed the involvement of students themselves, questioned government and academic dogma, informed readers of the Social Sciences curriculum and research priorities, and provided a diverse array of short and informative stories.

PDF Society Matters No 13 - Autumn/Winter 2010/2011

PDF Society Matters No 12 - Autumn/Winter 2009/2010

PDF Society Matters No 11 - Autumn/Winter 2008/2009

PDF Society Matters No 10 - Autumn/Winter 2007/08

PDF Society Matters No 9 - Autumn/Winter 2006/07

PDF Society Matters No 8 - Autumn/Winter 2005/06

PDF Society Matters No 7 - Autumn/Winter 2004/05

PDF Society Matters No 6 - Autumn/Winter 2003/04

Society Matters Extra

Society Matters Extra page contains 65 features and only lack of space has prevented these articles being published in the main Society Matters newspaper. If you click on the link above you will access many stimulating articles, and if you are an OU student, you may find them relevant to your social science studies.