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Introduction to the Eduroam Service

The Open University is now a member of the Eduroam Service (which stands for Education Roaming), an international scheme to allow people visiting other participating academic sites to log on to the local wireless network using their home institution's username and password.

Unfortunately, OU students are currently unable to access eduroam.

OU full-time members of staff and Associate Lecturers visiting any institution connected to the eduroam network, can log on to the local wireless LAN using the same credentials (username and password) the user would use if they were at the OU. The credentials are passed in a secure manner back to the OU for verification.

These pages contain information which will allow you, the visitor, to make use of the eduroam service at any participating institution.

Similarly visitors to the OU who belong to another participating institution can use our wireless network to connect to the internet, after first logging in with their home credentials.

Users of the eduroam service must connect to the wireless SSID 'eduroam'.

The use of network facilities while you are visiting The Open University is covered by our Computing Code of Conduct, which can be viewed at:

OU visitors to other sites should expect to be bound by a similar local document.


UK Eduroam homepage

Janet Eduroam policy

Janet Eduroam list of locations