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The Beginning and End of the Universe

Programme Run: 3 X 60 Minutes
Production: BBC
First Transmitted: 2016 HD


Prof Jim Al-Khalili tackles the biggest subject of all, the universe. Through a series of critical observations and experiments that revolutionised our understanding of our world Jim guides us through the greatest cosmic detective story of all. He takes us from the beginning of the universe to the end time and answers the question: Where did we (the universe) come from and where is it going (how will it end)


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Episode 1: The Beginning

Prof Jim Al Khalili takes us back in time to tackle the greatest question in science: How did the Universe begin? Uncovering the origins of the universe is considered humankind’s greatest intellectual achievement. By recreating key experiments Jim unravels the cosmic mystery of science’s creation story before witnessing a moment, one millionth of a second after the universe sprang into existence.

Episode 2: The End

Prof Jim Al Khalili carries us into the distant future to try to discover how the universe will end:  With a bang or a whimper? He reveals a universe far stranger than anyone imagined and, at the frontier of our understanding, encounters a mysterious and enigmatic force that promises to change physics forever.


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