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Secrets Of The Universe: Great Scientists In Their Own Words

Programme Run: 1 x 60 Minutes
Production: BBC
First Transmitted: 2015 HD available


This is the story of some of the greatest physicists of the 20th century. From unlocking the secrets of the atom to solving the mysteries of the cosmos our understanding of the universe was completely transformed. But how much do we know about the lives and personalities of the scientists who made these remarkable discoveries? Revealing archive of these great minds, telling their own stories, gives us a unique insight into complex characters, personal struggles and bitter rivalries. Which, more than intellect or talent, were the real driving force behind their groundbreaking discoveries and the revolution in physics. ​

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The 20th century witnessed an astonishing revolution in physics, from unlocking the secrets of the atom to solving the mysteries of the cosmos. It was also the century when radio and television became widespread, so for the first time we were able to see who the greatest minds really were.

Using rare archive dating back to the 1920s ‘Secrets of the Universe: Great Scientists in their Own Words’ provides a unique insight into the lives and personalities of some of the most brilliant physicists.

Although intellect and talent were important to the success of the scientists it was ultimately their characters that drove the great discoveries. Albert Einstein’s youthful self-confidence, Paul Dirac’s innate eccentricities, Fred Hoyle’s explicit obstinacy and Martin Ryle’s shrewd competitiveness, Richard Feynman’s love of the unconventional, Jocelyn Bell-Burnell’s steadfast doggedness and Stephen Hawkings brilliant conviction are what is truly responsible for transforming our understanding of life, the universe and everything.


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