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Objective eight:

Partnerships - working collaboratively and in partnership with others to provide effective mental health and wellbeing support

Establish strong collaborations within the University and influential partnerships externally to inform and provide effective mental health and wellbeing support for our students and staff

The partners we will work with to deliver this objective include the OU Students Association, trade unions, external health providers, Student Minds and other mental health and safeguarding charities, online digital mental health services, and NHS services.

More details of this objective can be found in the Student and Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy.

In summary:​​

This objective will: And be measured through:

1. Review the effectiveness of our mental health and wellbeing support services with the OU Students Association.

Outputs of joint campaigns between units within the University and the OU Students Association.

2. Review the effectiveness and methods to support staff with our trade unions.

Staff sickness levels attributed to mental health issues, stress, anxiety and/or depression.

3. Align projects on inclusive learning and teaching practices to enhance and inform our current support services for student with mental health conditions.

Number of links between scholarship and research projects on inclusive learning and teaching practices and mental health.

4. Work in partnership with Student Minds to develop a Mental Health Charter for the University.

Securing the University Mental Health Charter Award.

5. Maintain and strengthen partnerships with mental health and safeguarding charities to ensure external rigour is applied to our policies and procedures.

Feedback from external organisations on effectiveness of policies and procedures.

6. Monitor developments within the online digital mental health services market and other external agencies to identify new opportunities for support.

Sustainable integration of specialist services for students and staff across all four UK nations.

7. Explore options of working with NHS services and local authorities.

Ease of access and a range of specialist online services for students and staff to help them with their mental health and wellbeing.

We will bring the power of our organisational size and reach to bear upon mental health and wellbeing challenges that our staff and students may face. We will partner to multiply our efforts and collaborate to deepen positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Professor Devendra Kodwani
Executive Dean, Faculty of Business and Law