Video 2 – Your responsibilities, obligations of the partner institutes, what you can expect to see and potential unreasonable expectations (08:40)

Video 3 – The role of an exam board, appeals and complaints and exam documentation (08:23)

Guide for External Examiners of OU Validated Awards

The videos complement and should be viewed in conjunction with this guidance. The guide for external examiners explains the specific requirements relating to external examining of OU validated programmes.  It includes the arrangements for induction and assessment boards that examiners can expect from OU partner institutions, as well as reporting requirements and the rights and responsibilities of external examiners.

Guides, Forms and Templates for External Examiners

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Expenses Claims

Please note

This form is for use by External Examiners of OU validated awards only, who are directly appointed by The Open University. If you are appointed by one of our partner insitutions, they will have their own form and guidance for you to use. If your claim relates to the OU's directly taught provision, please contact your usual programme/curriculum contact for the relevant form.

Please refer to the guidance notes on the form when making a claim.