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Programme Validation and Revalidation

Templates for Final Validation and Revalidation Submissions

The University provides a number of templates for final validation and revalidation submissions. Although they are not compulsory, partner institutions are strongly encouraged to use them. These templates reflect the University's requirements for validation and revalidation and they have been reviewed regulary over the years in light of the feedback received from panel members regarding institutional documentation. Panel members value a submission that avoids unnecessary duplication and in which they can readily find the material they need. These factors have been taken into consideration when the templates were designed and reviewed. 

It should be noted that in addition to the information covered by the templates provided in this webpage, institutions are expected to submit separately a set of regulatory framework and institutional polices, to include:

  • Admissions policy and regulations
  • Assessment/progression policy and regulations
  • Staff development policy
  • Placement learning policies and regulations/ study abroad regulations
  • Equality and diversity policies (covering both staffing and student matters)

Validation Events

Further guidance on final submissions for validation and revalidation is given in section D4 of the OU Handbook for Validated Awards.

For Guidelines on the role of OU Quality and Partnerships Managers at validation events, please refer to section D2 of the Handbook.