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Commodities of Empire Project

The Commodities of Empire project website has moved to​.

Founded in 2007, the Commodities of Empire project explores the networks through which particular commodities circulated both within and in the spaces between empires, without assuming that the designs of capitalist imperialism were always successful or that the world market was everywhere dominant. The project was initially set up by Dr Sandip Hazareesingh of the Ferguson Centre for African and Asian Studies (Open University), and Professor Jean Stubbs and Dr Jonathan Curry-Machado, then based at the Caribbean Studies Centre, London Metropolitan University. Between  2007-16 the project's output has included research workshops, working papers, the publication of two editions of collected papers, involvement in several commodity-history research initiatives and the launch of the Commodity Histories.

From April 2016 the project entered a new phase when founding co-director Dr Hazareesingh stood down and Professor William Clarence-Smith of the Centre for South East Asian Studies (CSEAS), SOAS took his place, cementing a partnership between CSEAS and ISA’s sequel Institute for Latin American Studies (ILAS).The project is now co-directed by Professor Jean Stubbs (ILAS) and Professor William Clarence-Smith (SOAS), and coordinated by Dr Jonathan Curry-Machado (ILAS).

Commodities of Empire project website