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Lee F. Monaghan

Dr. Lee F. Monaghan is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Limerick (UL), Ireland. He was previously based in the UK: the University of Wales, Cardiff (1994-2002) and the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (2002-2005). Lee’s research and publications span an eclectic range of topics. His books and articles explore themes such as the obesity debate, illicit drug use, violence, sexualities and masculinities. However, following the 2008 global financial crisis, Lee has increasingly focused on critiques of neoliberalisation as well as the social consequences of fictitious capital in a time of austerity. Recent writings in this area include the development of the ‘Madoffization of Society’ thesis with Micheal O’Flynn (Critical Sociology, 2013) and its extension to events such as the 2011 UK riots (Sociological Research Online, 2012). His latest paper (with Micheal O’Flynn and Martin Power) was published in the 2014 special issue of Sociology on the global economic crisis. That paper explores scapegoating in post-crash Ireland - an insidious and seemingly relentless process which needs to be challenged as part of a broader sociological critique of mature capitalist societies. Lee is the principal co-ordinator of the Irish contingent of the ‘Framing Financial Crisis and Protest Project’, headed by Prof. Suman Gupta at the Open University.