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Micheal O'Flynn

Dr. Micheal O'Flynn is Post-doctoral research fellow at the School of Social Justice, University College Dublin and Associate Lecturer in Social Science with The Open University. He is author of Profitable Ideas: The Ideology of the Individual in Capitalist Development (Brill 2009) and Marxist Perspectives on Irish Society (ed.) (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2011). Recent articles include: ‘Scapegoating During a Time of Crisis: A Critique of Post ‘Celtic Tiger’ Ireland’ (with Lee F. Monaghan and Martin J. Power), Sociology. 48(5); ‘The Madoffization of Society: A Corrosive Process in an Age of Fictitious Capital’ (with Lee F. Monaghan), Critical Sociology, 39(6); ‘More than Anarchy in the UK: ‘Social Unrest’ and its Resurgence in the Madoffized Society’ (with Lee F. Monaghan), Sociological Research Online, 17(1)9; ‘Capital Accumulation and the Historical Decline of Liberal Individualism’, Critical Sociology; ‘Their Freedoms and Ours: The Genesis and Social Function of the Neo-liberal Concept of Freedom’, Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory. 37(2); ‘Food Crises and the Ghost of Malthus’, New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry. 2(3). He is an currently an academic representative for Unite the Union at the University of Limerick, member of the Limerick Council of Trade Unions (for Unite the Union), and political editor of The Bottom Dog (Publication of the Limerick Council of Trade Unions).