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Reflections on the International Conference on Women in Physics

I’ll admit it, the link between this post and the blog’s declared subject matter is a bit tenuous. Some of my research is into demographic differences in attainment in physics, in particular apparent gender differences in attainment, which may or … Continue reading

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Positive discrimination?

This isn’t really about assessment, or perhaps it is. First of all, some background. Because of a change in the dates used to establish school years where I lived when I was  small, I missed a year at primary school. … Continue reading

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Gender differences on force concept inventory

Hot on the heals of my last post, reporting on work which did not provide support for the previous finding that men and women perform differentially on different types of assessed tasks, I bring you a very interesting finding from … Continue reading

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More on the gender differences on our level 2 physics module

I’m returning to the topic raised here. To summarise, significantly fewer women than men study our level 2 (FHEQ L5) physics module S207 and, more worryingly, those who do are significantly less likely to complete it, and those who complete it … Continue reading

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Performance on interactive computer-marked questions – gender differences

We have become aware of a significant difference in outcome for male and female students on our level 2 physics module; around 25% of the students on the module are women, and they are both less likely to complete the module … Continue reading

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ViCE/PHEC 2014

The ‘interesting’ title of this post relates to the joint Variety in Chemistry Education/Physics Higher Education Conference that I was on my way home from a week ago. Apologies for my delay in posting, but since then I have celebrated my … Continue reading

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