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Multiple choice vs short answer questions

I’m indebted to Silvester Draaijer for leading me towards an interesting article: Funk, S.C. & Dickson, K.L (2011) Multiple-choice and short-answer exam performance in a college classroom. Teaching of Psychology, 38 (4), 273-277. The authors used exactly the same questions in  … Continue reading

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Does a picture paint a thousand words?

One of the things that Matt Haigh looked at when considering the impact of item format (see previous post) was whether the presence of a picture made the question easier or harder. He started with a very simple multiple choice item: Which … Continue reading

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The impact of item format

One of the things I’ve found time and time again in my investigations into student engagement with e-assessment is that little things can make a difference. Therefore the research done by Matt Haigh of Cambridge Assessment into the impact of question … Continue reading

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What sorts of e-assessment questions do students do best at?

What do you think? Multiple choice? Short-answer free text?

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