Winner 2018 – Gail Everett U101

Gail’s board game invites with humour and wit to a round of tarts and tea. The simple yet effective gameplay, as well as the playful details of the game, convinced the jury. The poster presented the idea very clearly and convincingly making it our favourite.

Student:Gail Everett

Title:“Vicars and Tarts’ Board Game Design

A prototype design for a board game based on the traditional afternoon tea and cakes that are associated with being the archetypal role of a Vicar in an old fashioned British community.

The mixed media approach that has been taken to produce the working prototype provides an aesthetically engaging and interactive design.

The play on words using phrases such as ‘Vicars and Tarts’, ‘More Tea Vicar?’ have been cleverly integrated into the design. The playing pieces are designed as fun stereotypical characters that are associated with the service a Vicar’s provides to a community. The collectable rewards of jam tarts and buns on a tea plate provide an additional sensory experience.

This board game is a fully explored design concept with real market potential and a unique design theme that could equally explore the service provided by other religious leaders in a community.

Module: U101