Sam Bowes

Winner level 1


Recycling Dog Waste into Bio Gas and Compost’ System Design

The jury selected this poster as the winner because Sam was able to produce an overall concept that addressed environmental issues from several angles on what is a challenging subject and communicated this very effectively through physical prototyping.

The purpose of this project was to select an existing issue  and design a potential solution through rough prototyping. 

The prototype idea that has been selected is an age-old problem of dog waste disposal into landfill from dog waste facilities and bins. Additionally, the current issue of the need for sustainable energy has paved the way for this inspirational idea for an alternative, renewable, source.  

The idea of collecting dog waste material in specifically designated bioplastic bins utilizes household waste disposal systems maximizing current systems whilst avoiding  problems with single use plastic. 

This winning idea is communicated through a simple prototype that effectively communicates how the way this system could work.