Andrew Larsen

Special commendation


Barracozi – Festival Chair

This prototype design for a portable festival chair is commended by the jury because Andrew has been imaginative in adapting a product to give it more options for use and has styled the aesthetic to give it greater market appeal.  

The current issue of abandoned tents and chairs at festivals is adding to the growing mountain of unnecessary waste products that needs to be resolved.

The idea for this multi-purpose product is to encourage longevity of use and lessen the likelihood of it being left behind as a single use item before its end of life and impacting on landfill.

The development of the design taken from the archetypal picnic chair gives it greater functionality, addresses issues of strength and safety and explores its aesthetic appeal both through its shape and form and through its decorative appeal. 

This clever design goes beyond its original purpose of a portable chair, functioning also as a sleeping mat and picnic rug and is a viable solution which could be used in a number of contexts.