1st openAIED Interest Group Meeting April 2018

openTEL was pleased to host the 1st Artificial Intelligence in Education Interest Group meeting on the 17th April.“openAIED” has been launched by Dr. Wayne Holmes and Dr. Duygu Bektik, from the Institute of Educational Technology, with an aim to bring together everyone interested in AI and Education from across The Open University. Over 22 people from various units, including STEM (KMi, C&C, E&I), WELS, LTI-Academic (IET), LTI (TEL) and SFT, participated to the 1st openAIED meeting to understand each other’s research interest areas, looking at how we can move forward, and build a network where we can work collaboratively across the OU. Followed by Dr. Holmes’ introduction to the vision of the group, AI at the OU and AIED in IET, participants discussed in what ways openAIED might contribute to the use of AI to support teaching and learning, students and ethical implications of AI at the OU, as well as what needs to be considered to enable openAIED to become the UK’s leading centre of AI. The team aims to hold meetings at least once a month, including workshops, hackathons, debates, internal/external speakers.

For more information on future events, please contact openTEL@open.ac.uk.