Assessment and Feedback First Meeting

The participants in our first Assessment and Feedback meeting were:

Group 1: David Morse, Jon Rosewell, Ale Okada, Tim Hunt

Group 2: Kate Lister, Peter Taylor, Simon Cross, Judith Pickering

Group 3: Freda, Katharine, Helen, Karen & Jess

Group 4: David Pell, Martin Hlosta, Zdenek Zdrahal, Chris Nelson, Prithvi Shrestha

The presenter of our first meeting was David Pell: “Technology enhanced cheating?”

Some questions that were raised in our first meeting

  • What computer can mark?
  • What type of feedback is helpful to promote reflection?
  • What types of assessment are useful?
  • What are the challenges involved in the innovation (Costs. AL skills, Rubrics…)
  • How much is our strategy affected by our risk aversion?
  • How can we share and discuss the grade criteria via rubrics/grade schemes with more transparency?
  • How can we design and assess online environments linked to tuition models and reduce plagiarism?
  • How can we promote authentic assessment – linked to people’s contexts?