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Innovations in Reference Management 2010

Today the TELSTAR project is running an event on ‘Innovations in Reference Management’. As we’ve been working on the project we’ve found that there seems to be a lack of ‘community’ to discuss and collaborate around the practice of Reference Management. Even in terms of products there doesn’t seem to be a strong ‘user group’ (in an organised fashion at any rate) for any of the major Reference Management packages such as RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero etc.

As we talked to others across the HE community about the project, we found that there was a lot of interest in what we were doing, and that there was quite a lot of innovation going on around the practice of Reference Management and the use of the relevant software. We felt there would be real value in running an event to highlight some of this work.

So, IRM10 (follow #irm10 on Twitter, or see an archives of all tweets at http://www.twapperkeeper.com/irm10/) is happening today – we’ve got a great programme (see http://www.open.ac.uk/telstar/event/programme) and I hope it will be an interesting day. I’ll be posting throughout the day on this blog, and we are recording all the sessions so we’ll be posting these later.


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  • Jan 14th 201023:01
    by Trevor

    Sounds like a great event! Sorry no one from Zotero could make it. Folks interested in Zotero might consider joining into some of the vibrant communities that have formed around Zotero.

    Our forums are thriving, over the last four years community members have posted more than 50,000 comments in 10,000 threads. (forums.zotero.org) The conversations range from discussions of best practices and approaches for integrating Zotero into teaching, to technical issues and feature requests. At this point, hundreds of our users subscribe to the forum RSS feeds as a way to interact with the community on a daily basis.

    Similarly the Zotero developer group has more than 500 members who collaborate on designing and developing plugins and addons for Zotero. (http://groups.google.com/group/zotero-dev)

    The Zotero Evangelists Google Group has more than 200 librarians and instructional technologists who collaborate and share instructional materials and ideas with each other. (http://groups.google.com/group/zotero-evangelists/)

    I would also encourage people to take a look at the important work the bibliographic ontology group is engaged in. (http://groups.google.com/group/bibliographic-ontology-specification-group) Similarly the xbiblio mailing list is a great place to join the ongoing conversation about developments in the Citation Style Language (http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=xbiblio-devell)

    It is great to see so much activity in the area of research management tools and it is exciting to see like minded groups of folks digging into the same things we are. If you end up with plans for other communication and community around research management tools I would be thrilled to be involved. My email is just trevor at Zotero dot org.

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  • Jan 19th 201015:01
    by ostephens

    Hi Trevor – sorry your comment got caught in a spam filter for some reason and I’ve only just seen it. I originally hoped that we’d be able to get someone from the Zotero community to speak, but unfortunately we didn’t manage it in the end, although Zotero got several mentions during the day.

    The work of the bibliontology group has been of particular interest to the TELSTAR project, although in the end we haven’t used RDF/RDFa, we are very interested in how this might develop in the future and it is really exciting to see Zotero investing in this.

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