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Service Usage Model (SUM) for Citation Management

One of the workpackages in the TELSTAR project involves working towards development of a Service Usage Model (SUM) that will be offered as a contribution to the e-Framework.

The e-Framework for Education and Research is “an international initiative that provides information to institutions on investing in and using information technology infrastructure. It advocates service-oriented approaches to facilitate technical interoperability of core infrastructure as well as effective use of available funding. …The e-Framework maintains the content to assist other international education and research communities in planning, prioritising and implementing their IT infrastructure in a better way.”

We feel that it is quite important to attempt to model the work that is being done in the TELSTAR project by describing it in a controlled and systems-neutral way in order that other F/HEIs that have a similar business need have the opportunity to adopt similar methodologies regardless of the technical systems they may have available.

We are using the templates provided by the e-Framework to describe the business-level capabilities, the business processes or workflows, the technical functionality, the structure and arrangement of the functions, applicable standards, design decisions, data sources and services used.

We have started with a ‘top-level’ SUM which is a broad view of the whole area of what we have called “Citation Management”. We aim to follow up with 6 more detailed SUMs that represent the 6 business processes that the project is addressing. These are:

  • Add references
  • Aggregate references
  • Import/export references
  • Create bibliography
  • Manage bibliography
  • Recommend resources

We would welcome any comments on the top-level SUM over the next few weeks, and will add drafts of the detailed SUMs as they are developed. You can read and comment on the Citation Management SUM at https://e-framework.usq.edu.au/users/wiki/CitationManagement.

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