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10th March 2022

Sustainability in the workplace: it’s everybody’s job

Prof. Nick Braithwaite, Executive Dean, STEM Faculty and Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Sponsor for Sustainability shares what sustainability means for The Open University (OU).

9th March 2022

Bringing employees together through learning

Dave Hardy’s employees have had quite a lot of downtime the past couple of years. His two businesses – the events company Glory Days and the apartment company Destination Edinburgh – had periods of total inactivity due to Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions, with employees furloughed through the quiet times.

3rd March 2022

Rapid reskilling and upskilling in the workplace

Sometimes in the workplace new projects or new job roles require employees to learn or refresh their skills quickly and efficiently. This might be brushing up on a language they last practised at school, or something to build knowledge around a new technology, customer, market or sector. A short, focused learning programme can play dividends and help the organisation succeed.

2nd March 2022

SMEs Skills challenges in Scotland

There are significant skills shortages in Scotland, with almost two thirds of Scottish employers (63%) struggling to access the talent they need, according to The Open University’s Business Barometer Report 2021. This situation is having a big impact on many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Scotland.

1st March 2022

Employer podcast: Engaging employees in lifelong learning

Access to skills is the number one issue currently for business leaders in Northern Ireland. That was one of the key messages to emerge from a recent Open University (OU) podcast, hosted by Laurence Knell, Associate Lecturer at The Open University’s triple-accredited Business School.Laurie was joined by three guests – Gordon Milligan, Deputy Chief Executive at the public transport organisation Translink, John D’Arcy, National Director at the OU in Ireland, and Dr Lynsey Quinn, Business Development Lead for the OU in Ireland.

28th February 2022

How apprenticeships can diversify your workforce

A roundtable discussion panel chaired by Amazing Apprenticeships met recently to talk about “How apprenticeships can diversify your workforce” following a national survey commissioned by The Open University in partnership with the 5% Club*.

9th February 2022
Build the Future 2022 Apprenticeship Survey

New report: Most employers plan to maintain or increase number of apprentices they employ this year

Almost 9 in 10 employers plan to maintain or increase the number of apprentices they take on in the next 12 months, according to the results of a new survey of more than 600 employers in England.

9th February 2022

National Apprenticeship Week 2022 – The Open University celebrates the transformative role of apprenticeships

The Open University (OU) is marking National Apprenticeship Week with new insights on how employers value apprenticeships and the benefits they offer in diversifying the workforce.

9th February 2022

How The Open University is opening up opportunities in local authorities across England

Local authorities, like most organisations, require a range of skillsets across a diverse workforce.

8th February 2022

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