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Whitepaper: Management readiness in 2021: Leaving no stone unturned

TrainingZone: Management Readiness 2021

There has been plenty written about the ‘next normal’ and the ‘new world of work’ in a post-pandemic world. The overnight shift in the nature and places of work has turned transformation debates into reality – and none more so than in the field of management.

The pandemic has accelerated a shift from task-focused management towards more human qualities, such as ensuring employee wellbeing and engagement. But how can we equip the next generation of managers to deal with the changing demands they face? And where can formal management training help?

The Open University has partnered with TrainingZone and renowned Learning Analyst Laura Overton to explore these themes in detail, and the result is the new whitepaper Management readiness in 2021: Leaving no stone unturned.

Webinar shares inspiring stories and management advice

The whitepaper was previewed in a fascinating TrainingZone webinar in which Laura Overton looked at the changing role of managers, and how these skills can be paid forward to the managers of the future. Joining Laura and TrainingZone editor Becky Norman, was The Open University’s Director of Apprenticeships, Jacky Hinton. In the hour-long session entitled Placing inclusion at the heart of management development, Jacky explained how the role of a manager has changed throughout her career and offered insights in how to balance the task and human elements, while keeping up a regular flow of communication and support to remote teams. Jacky explained how formal training at the start of her managerial career was critical to success.

Attendees also heard the story of Lee Gifford, Apprentice Lead at Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust. Lee talked about his unexpected move into a career in management and the knowledge and skills he developed through The Open University’s Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship. Now as Apprentice Lead at the Trust, Lee is perfectly positioned to pass on his knowledge to apprentices following in his footsteps.

The session ended with a question and answer session with attendees sharing observations and insights throughout the webinar.

Whitepaper out now

In the whitepaper, out now Laura Overton digs deeper into the themes of the webinar and both Jacky and Lee offer further insights from their own journeys.

This new report by Trainingzone and The Open University on management readiness in 2021 clearly shows how the pandemic has changed many organisations in many ways. As the report highlights, the post-pandemic workplace will demand a diverse set of skills for both current and future managers. Timeless skills of clear communication, direction, empathy and honesty, will be required, alongside new skills of being able to manage the rapidly changing digital workplace effectively. We encourage employers to read and take on board the report's timely recommendations on how to develop and nurture existing and new talent. Daisy Hooper, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, CMI

Also included is the story of Ahmed El-Hamaky, who graduated as an electrical engineer in the early 2000s but had a career dream to lead and manage a business across a large geography. This dream was made reality through his studies with the Open University Business School and gave him the foundation to adapt and lead his team to unprecedented success through the pandemic. 

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