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Types of appointment

Each AL appointment letter raised will specify the length of the appointment and the months that the module is presented over. ALs may be contracted to teach on an every presentation, a single presentation or an alternate presentation basis. A definition of the three types of appointment patterns is given below.

Every presentation

Most ALs will have been offered an appointment to teach a module on an every presentation basis which lasts for the duration of the module life (this is usually 8 years but may be extended or reduced). This means that you have been appointed to tutor a specified module for a given module presentation start each year. If the module is presented more than once a year a separate appointment would be raised for each module presentation start. ALs who teach on the same module with multiple start dates would hold multiple appointments.

For example, if the module is presented twice a year (in February and October) and you hold an appointment for the February presentation then you would tutor the module every time the module was presented in February. If you want to tutor the module in October you would need to ensure you have a live application for the module in the system, so that you can be considered for vacancies for, and be appointed to, the October presentation.

Alternate presentation

This presentation pattern appointment type is not frequently used. This type of appointment can be raised where a module is presented bi-annually or where the AL is required to alternate between two modules as part of supporting a cohort of students through a programme of study.

Single presentation

A single presentation appointment is used for a one-off presentation of a module and is only offered in particular circumstances, such as if you were asked to cover for an AL who has gone on maternity or long term sick leave, or for a corporate booking (where the work is not continuing). If you are a current AL and would like to teach on a future presentation of a module for which you currently hold a single presentation appointment, you will need to complete an application form (as long as there is an advertised vacancy) and send it to

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