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OpenMark is an Open University computer-assisted assessment (CAA) system that has its foundations in computer-assisted learning.

OpenMark differs from traditional CAA systems in:

The emphasis we place on feedback.

All Open University students are distance learners and within the university we emphasise the importance of giving feedback on written assessments. The design of OpenMark assumes that feedback, perhaps at multiple levels, will be included.

Allowing multiple attempts.

OpenMark is an interactive system, and consequently we can ask students to act on feedback that we give 'there and then', while the problem is still in their mind. If their first answer is incorrect, they can have an immediate second, or third, attempt.

The breadth of interactions supported.

We aim to use the full capabilities of modern multimedia computers to create engaging assessments.

The design for anywhere, anytime use.

OpenMark assessments are designed to enable students to complete them in their own time in a manner that fits with normal life. They can be interrupted at any point and resumed later from the same location or from elsewhere on the internet.

On this website are interactive examples of question types currently used in various Open University courses. While it is unlikely that you will know enough on all subjects to be able to appreciate exactly which cognitive skills are being tested, we hope that this site will provide an insight into the flexibility and attractiveness that modern computing systems can bring to the learning and assessment process. These examples are working interactive questions and may take a few seconds to load.

The headings on the tabs across the top this screen describe broad categories of question types. When a heading is selected the menu on the right will provide more information and working examples within each category.


  1. Notes for question authors
  2. Promoting learning with instant feedback
  3. Question formats
  4. Guidelines for question authors
  5. Browser compatibility
  6. Accessibility
  7. Try an OpenMark assessment
  8. The questions on this site
  9. OpenMark is open source
  10. OpenMark and Moodle

Contact us

Comments on OpenMark may be addressed to:

Chris Nelson
Product Development Manager
The Open University

Greg Black
Production Manager
The Open University