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Structured response

Points to note

  • the question provides an response box that enables the entry of superscripts
  • the correct answer has multiple parts which can be given in any order
  • there are at least nine ways of going wrong that are picked up by the answer matching such that appropriate feedback is supplied
  • the elements are randomly chosen but within ranges, and on subsequent attempts you are likely to get different elements
  • it is possible to go further down the Periodic Table and the questions can get much harder
  • the feedback is graphical and associated with the short Periodic Table that is displayed

Question history

This question, together with its feedback, was first written in 1978 for use on S101 and has progressed into programs for S102, S103 and S205. The current example linked with on-screen presentation of a part of the Periodic Table, and graphical indicators giving pointers to the correct answer, is from the 2006 version of Are you ready for S205?

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