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Mike Dawson

Profile summary

Research interests


Maidment, R. and Dawson, M. (eds) (1994 and 1999) 'The United States in the Twentieth Century: Key Documents', London, Hodder and Stoughton in association with the Open University.

Eccleston, B., Dawson, M. and McNamara, D. (eds) (1998) 'Pacific Studies: The Asia-Pacific Profile', London, Routledge in association with the Open University.

Teaching interests

Living political ideas (DD306)
Investigating Psychology 3 (DE300)

Past modules

I have worked on many modules since joining the then Faculty of Social Sciences in 1985. Though the majority of my work has been with politics and economics, I have worked on modules accross the Faculty. However, I did have an ongoing role in the development and production of the following:

The Uses of Social Science (DD206)                                                                                                            Power, Dissent, Equality: Understanding Contemporary Politics (DD203)
Democratic Government and Politics (D308)
Global Politics (D312)
United States in the Twentieth Century (D214)
Democracy from Classical Times to the Present (D316)
Pacific Studies (DD302)