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System Architecture of a European Platform for Health Policy Decision Making: MIDAS (2022-03)
Shi, Xi; Nikolic, Gorana; Fischaber, Scott; Black, Michaela; Rankin, Debbie; Epelde, Gorka; Beristain, Andoni; Alvarez, Roberto; Arrue, Monica; Pita Costa, Joao; Grobelnik, Marko; Stopar, Luka; Pajula, Juha; Umer, Adil; Poliwoda, Peter; Wallace, Jonathan; Carlin, Paul; Pääkkönen, Jarmo and De Moor, Bart
Frontiers in Public Health, 10, Article 838438

Dementia Analytics Research User Group (DARUG) ‐ A Model for meaningful stakeholder engagement in dementia research (2022)
Carlin, Paul; Wallace, Jonathan; Moore, Adrian; Hughes, Catherine; Black, Michaela; Rankin, Deborah; Hoey, Leane and McNulty, Helene
Alzheimer's & Dementia, 18(S2)

NewsMeSH: a new classifier designed to annotate health news with MeSH headings (2021-04)
Costa, Joao Pita; Rei, Luis; Stopar, Luka; Fuart, Flavio; Grobelnik, Marko; Mladenić, Dunja; Novalija, Inna; Staines, Anthony; Pääkkönen, Jarmo; Konttila, Jenni; Bidaurrazaga, Joseba; Belar, Oihana; Henderson, Christine; Epelde, Gorka; Gabaráin, Mónica Arrúe; Carlin, Paul and Wallace, Jonathan
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 114, Article 102053

Identifying Key Predictors of Cognitive Dysfunction in Older People Using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques: Observational Study (2020-09)
Rankin, Debbie; Black, Michaela; Flanagan, Bronac; Hughes, Catherine F; Moore, Adrian; Hoey, Leane; Wallace, Jonathan; Gill, Chris; Carlin, Paul; Molloy, Anne M; Cunningham, Conal and McNulty, Helene
JMIR Medical Informatics, 8, Article e20995(9)

TAQIH, a tool for tabular data quality assessment and improvement in the context of health data (2019-11)
Álvarez Sánchez, Roberto; Beristain Iraola, Andoni; Epelde Unanue, Gorka and Carlin, Paul
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 181, Article 104824

Exploring patient information needs in type 2 diabetes: A cross sectional study of questions (2018)
Atkin, Stephen L.; Crangle, Colleen E.; Bradley, Colin; Carlin, Paul; Esterhay, Robert J.; Harper, Roy; Kearney, Patricia M.; McCarthy, Vera J. C.; McTear, Michael F.; Savage, Eileen; Tuttle, Mark S. and Wallace, Jonathan G.
PLOS ONE, 13, Article e0203429(11)

Soliciting and Responding to Patients' Questions about Diabetes Through Online Sources (2017-03-01)
Crangle, Colleen; Bradley, Colin; Carlin, Paul; Esterhay, Robert; Harper, Roy; Kearney, Patricia; Lorig, Kate; McCarthy, Vera; McTear, Michael; Tuttle, Mark; Wallace, Joanthan and Savage, Eileen
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics., 19(3) (pp. 194-199)

Analysis of Risk Factors and Diagnosis for Anxiety Disorder in Older People with the Aid of Artificial Intelligence: Observational Study (2024-03)
Wang, Jinling; Black, Michaela; Rankin, Debbie; Wallace, Jonathan; Hughes, Catherine F; Hoey, Leane; Moore, Adrian; Tobin, Joshua; Zhang, Mimi; Ng, James; Horigan, Geraldine; Carlin, Paul; McCarroll, Kevin; Cunningham, Conal; McNulty, Helene and Molloy, Anne M
In : 2023 31st Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (AICS) (07-08 Dec 2023, Letterkenny, Ireland) (pp. 1-8)

Usability Evaluation of a Co-created Big Data Analytics Platform for Health Policy-Making (2019-06-28)
Cleland, Brian; Wallace, Jonathan; Bond, Raymond; Muuraiskangas, Salla; Pajula, Juha; Epelde, Gorka; Arrúe, Mónica; Álvarez, Roberto; Black, Michaela; Mulvenna, Maurice; Rankin, Deborah and Carlin, Paul
In : HCII 2019 (26/7/2019-31/7/2019, Orlando Florida)

Meaningful Integration of Data, Analytics and Services of Computer-Based Medical Systems: The MIDAS Touch (2019-06-05)
Black, Michaela; Wallace, Jonathan; Rankin, Debbie; Carlin, Paul; Bond, Raymond; Mulvenna, Maurice; Cleland, Brian; Fischaber, Scott; Epelde, Gorka; Nikolic, Gorana; Pajula, Juha and Connolly, Regina
In : 2019 IEEE 32nd International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS) (5-7 Jun 2019, Cordoba) (pp. 104-105)

Mining MEDLINE for the visualisation of a global perspective on biomedical knowledge (2018-06-15)
Costa, Joao Pita; Stopar, Luka; Fuart, Flavio; Grobelnik, Marko; Santanam, Raghu; Chenlu, Sun; Carlin, Paul; Black, Michaela and Wallace, Jonathan
In : KDD Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (19 to e 23 Aug 2018, London)

Text mining MEDLINE to support public health (2018)
Pita Costa, João; Stopar, Luka; Fuart, Flavio; Grobelnik, Marko; Santanam, Raghu; Sun, Chenlu; Carlin, Paul; Black, Michaela and Wallace, Jonathan
In : SiKDD 2018: Conference on Data Mining and Data Warehouses (11 Oct 2018, Ljubljana)

Text mining open datasets to support public health (2017-12-13)
Pita Costa, Joao; Stopar, luka; Fuart, Flavio; Grobelnik, Marko; Santanam, Raghu; Sun, Chenlu; Carlin, Paul; Black, Michaela and Wallace, Jonathan
In : Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (13-14 Dec 2017, Soeul)