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Narrative discourse in TED Talks (2022-12-01)
Wingrove, Peter
English Text Construction, 15(1) (pp. 89-111)

Multi-Dimensional Exploratory Factor Analysis of TED talks (2022-10)
Wingrove, Peter and Crosthwaite, Peter
Register Studies, 4(1) (pp. 91-131)

Measuring the frequency of the academic formulas list across corpora: A case study based in TED talks and Yale lectures (2022-04)
Wingrove, Peter
Applied Corpus Linguistics, 2, Article 100012(1)

Academic lexical coverage in TED talks and academic lectures (2022-01)
Wingrove, Peter
English for Specific Purposes, 65 (pp. 79-94)

How suitable are TED talks for academic listening? (2017-11)
Wingrove, Peter
Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 30 (pp. 79-95)

Symposium: Research on English as a Medium of Instruction: Applied Linguistics and Interdisciplinarity (2023)
Hultgren, Anna Kristina; Nao, Marion; Wingrove, Peter; Yuksel, Dogan and Zuaro, Beatrice
In : 56th Annual Conference of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL 2023) (23-25 Aug 2023, University of York, York)

“Let me say this first…” Reactions of stakeholders towards EMI in Turkey (2023)
Yuksel, Dogan; Wingrove, Peter; Zuaro, Beatrice; Nao, Marion and Hultgren, Anna Kristina
In : ELINET First Annual Conference (13-14 Apr 2023, University of Glasgow)

What are the drivers of EMI, and does it matter? A close-up look at an Austrian university (2023)
Nao, Marion; Wingrove, Peter; Yuksel, Dogan; Zuaro, Beatrice and Hultgren, Anna Kristina
In : ELINET First Annual Conference (13-14 Apr 2023, University of Glasgow)

Critically assessed: A discourse analytic approach to interview data in Process Tracing methodology (2023)
Nao, Marion; Yuksel, Dogan; Zuaro, Beatrice; Wingrove, Peter and Hultgren, Anna Kristina
In : 13th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP) 2023 (4-6 Sep 2023, University of Glasgow)

Introducing Process Tracing to Shed New Light on Causal Mechanisms in Applied Linguistics (2023)
Thomas, Nathan; Hultgren, Anna Kristina; Zuaro, Beatrice; Yuksel, Dogan; Wingrove, Peter; Nao, Marion and Beach, Derek
In : BAAL 2023 (British Association for Applied Linguistics, 56th Annual Conference) (23-25 Aug 2023, University of York, York, UK)

Towards a Critical EMI: New Transdisciplinary Approaches in Linguistics (2023)
Yuksel, Dogan; Hultgren, Anna Kristina; Wingrove, Peter; Zuaro, Beatrice and Nao, Marion
In : AAAL 2023 (American Association for Applied Linguistics) (18-21 Mar 2023, Portland, Oregon, USA)

The Story Behind the Story: Back to school and teacher and pupil mental health (2021-03-04)
Carden, Catherine; Gumbrell, David; Twiselton, Sam and Taylor, Andrew

Reframing the Debate on Teacher Mental Health and Wellbeing (2020-11-05)
Carden, Catherine; Twiselton, Sam; Gumbrell, David and Bethune, Adrian