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Oxford’s History of Mathematics Forum: The First Two Decades (2023)
Hollings, Christopher and Wilson, Robin
The Mathematical Intelligencer ((Early access))

A brief history of edge-colorings – with personal reminiscences (2021)
Toft, B. and Wilson, R.
Discrete Mathematics Letters, 6 (pp. 38-46)

The BSHM: the first fifty years (2021)
Wilson, Robin and Flood, Raymond
British Journal for the History of Mathematics, 36(2) (pp. 76-94)

Working with Lowell (2020)
Wilson, Robin
AKCE International Journal of Graphs and Combinatorics, 17(2) (pp. 641-645)

What Was Lejeune Dirichlet Like? (2019-03)
Wilson, Robin
The Mathematical Intelligencer, 41(1) (pp. 51-55)

Mathematics Emerging: From Colorado to Oxford (2019)
Anderson, Marlow; Hollings, Christopher and Wilson, Robin
PRIMUS, 29(5) (pp. 461-473)

The Gresham Professors of Geometry Part 2: the next three hundred years (2016-11-09)
Wilson, Robin J
BSHM Bulletin: Journal of the British Society for the History of Mathematics, 32(2) (pp. 136-148)

Communicating Mathematics: a historical and personal journey (2009-03)
Wilson, Robin
Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society, 71(1) (pp. 15-20)

The rise of British analysis in the early 20th century: the role of G.H. Hardy and the London Mathematical Society (2003-05)
Rice, Adrian C. and Wilson, Robin J.
Historia Mathematica, 30(2) (pp. 173-194)

The Early history of block designs (2003)
Wilson, Robin
Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico di Messina, Serie 11,(9) (pp. 267-276)

The History of Mathematics: A Source-Based Approach (2019)
Barrow-Green, June; Gray, Jeremy and Wilson, Robin
ISBN : 9781470443528 | Publisher : The American Mathematical Society | Published : Providence, USA

Lewis Carroll in Numberland (2008)
Wilson, Robin
ISBN : 978-0713997576 | Publisher : Allen Lane | Published : London

Four colours suffice: how the Map Problem was solved (2003)
Wilson, Robin
ISBN : 014100908X | Publisher : Allen Lane | Published : London, UK

Euler's science of combinations (2007-02)
Hopkins, Brian and Wilson, Robin
In: Bradley, Robert E. and Sandifer, C. Edward eds. Leonhard Euler: Life, Work and Legacy. Studies in the History and Philosophy of Mathematics (5) (pp. 395-408)
ISBN : 978-0-444-52728-8 | Publisher : Elsevier

Topics in Algorithmic Graph Theory (2021-05)
Beineke, Lowell W.; Golumbic, Martin Charles and Wilson, Robin
Beineke, Lowell W.; Golumbic, Martin Charles and Wilson, Robin J. eds.
Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications
ISBN : 9781108592376 | Publisher : Cambridge University Press

The early history of Gresham College (2009)
Wilson, Robin
In : AMS-MAA Joint Winter Meeting (5-8 Jan 2009, Washington DC, USA)

Lewis Carroll in Numberland (2009)
Wilson, Robin
In : AMS-MAA Joint Winter Meeting (5-8 Jan 2009, Washington DC, USA)

100 years of graph theory (2009)
Wilson, Robin
In : Jubilee Conference on Discrete Mathematics (11-13 Jan 2009, Banasthali University, India)

Communicating mathematics (2009)
Wilson, Robin
In : Adults Learning Mathematics (7-10 Jul 2009, South Bank University, London)

The early years of Gresham College, London (2009)
Wilson, Robin
In : XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology (28 Jul - 2 Aug 2009, Budapest, Hungary)

Euler, 300 years on (2009)
Wilson, Robin
In : Teachers' Summer Course (24-28 Aug 2009, University of York)

Graph Theory Workshop (2009)
Wilson, Robin
In : Teachers Summer Course (24-28 Aug, University of York)

Charles Dodgson and Thomas Hirst (2009)
Wilson, Robin
In : Euclidean Geometry in Nineteenth-Century Culture (1-2 Oct 2009, University of Cambridge)