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Sarah Cottee

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Professional biography

I am an Organic Geochemistry Laboratory Technician working on the NERC project "Accurate and Precise Alkenone Records of Atmospheric CO2 for the Pliocene and beyond to Inform the Future". 

Before joining The Open University I completed an MSc in Climate Change at UCL (2021-2022) covering a broad range of topics; from the study of various proxies to understand past climates, to learning how to model future climates and everything in-between. My dissertation was entitled "Exploring the impacts of massive ice sheets on the circulation of the North Atlantic – insights from the Cape Hatteras crossover". The research involved using both Faunal methods (Foraminifera % abundance, δ18O and δ13C) and Sedimentological methods (Sortable silt, Coarse Fraction and Ice Rafted Debris). 

Prior to starting my masters I was working for the Environment Agency as a Water, Land and Biodiversity Asset Management Assistant. I also studied at Reading University from 2016-2019, acheiving a BSc in Physical Geography.