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I am currently a 3rd year post graduate research student at the Open University exploring the attitudes of stakeholders across all organisational levels, towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) for primary care. I currently work as a research consultant for the Open University, utilising my skills of quantitative and qualitative analysis, literature reviews, interview and reporting skills. I have worked for the NHS at a GP practice in Wales (2016-2021), and before that was a civil servant for the Department of Work and Pensions (2007-2016). My interest in computer science began with a Foundation degree in Information Technology, then Bachelor of Science in Computing at Wrexham University (2004-2007). I then returned to Wrexham University 12 years later to complete a Master of Science in Computer Science (2019-2020). 

Research interests

My research focus is in the NHS primary care sector looking into the barriers towards the acceptance of AI. Through my research I have discovered resistance to change or technologies within the primary care sector. Acceptance and resistance are complex and intrinsically linked, therefore, understanding both acceptance and resistance will play a major role in improving AI technology acceptance.

Impact and engagement

I am the recipient of a scholarship from the MELETE foundation for 2024/25.

I am the recipient of a grant from the OpenBright foundation for 2024. 



Understanding the Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Primary Care (2023-07-09)
Sides, T.; Farrell, T. and Kbaier, D.
In : 25TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION (23-28 Jul 2023, AC Bella Sky Hotel and Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark) (pp. 512-518)

Exploring how organisational features impact acceptance of AI in primary care (2023)
Sides, Teresa
In : Computing Research Centre PhD Conference 2023​ (11-12 May 2023, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK)