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Break out of the norm and study in a new way

A young man walking through the city centre with headphones on.

Want to study in a way which is different to many of your classmates.  A way which suits you and fits in with your life?

Studying with The Open University is a university option you may not have considered before. It’s different because you will study your degree online.

Online learning is often referred to as distance learning because you are taught online at a distance from your tutor rather than face-to-face in a classroom. The Open University has been providing higher education at a distance for over 50 years and is widely acknowledged as being a global leader in online education. Learning at a distance with The Open University produces the same quality outcome as you would expect to get from any other university and we are subject to the same quality assurance requirements as a campus-based institution.

So why study online with The Open University rather than the more traditional way? With all that is going on with the current pandemic you may be unsure about heading off to a university across Ireland and the UK. You may feel that a traditional university does not suit the sort of person you are and that you would rather study from home. You may want to work full-time while you study so you can earn money and start your career in some shape or form.

We care about our students and seek to enable them to be successful in their studies in whatever way we can.

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