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Day 3, Year of #Mygration: Who are we?

Who are we? Yesterday’s reflection showed how the @OpenUniversity was addressing the issue of migration in our first decade, the 1970s. Forty years later, the same questions preoccupy society, communities and individuals.

How does the OU engage with this debate in our own times? The rich resources of OU colleagues working in partnership, in this case with the universities of Oxford and Warwick, with the arts organisations, with Counterpoints Arts and the Tate Exchange Programme, with the Migration Museum, and with individual migrants and artists, are already freely available on the OU's OpenLearn website. See this introduction from Dr Giota Alevizou, Dr Umut Erel and Dr Agnes Czajka, with its many links to diverse ways in which the creative arts can help all of us explore our own answers to this fundamental question, ‘Who are we?’, and to see how and why others answer from different perspectives.

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