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Day 106, Year of #Mygration: Forthcoming Conference: The 8th Making Diversity Interventions Count Annual Conference

Forthcoming conference: 8th Making Diversity Interventions Count Annual Conference [MDICAC] 

Organised by the Centre for Inclusion and Diversity, this conference explores the varying interventions aimed at advancing equality, with the objective of informing the development of good practice in the effective use of diversity interventions in organisations.  The conference also provides a platform for the Barbara Burford annual memorial lecture. A lifelong champion of equality and diversity, Barbara inspired national level change through her work.
Participants represent a cross section of staff including researchers and lecturers; equality and diversity leads and practitioners from public, private, voluntary and community sector organisations; HR and workforce personnel and directors and chief executives.
The conference provides a wonderful opportunity to network and establish contacts with a very diverse community of colleagues engaged in this important area of work. Apart from the geographical diversity of delegates, there is also a multiplicity of perspectives including workforce/service, organizational, educational, research and regulatory.
The conference theme is Diversity, Migration, Social and Public Services. Visit the Conference website for more information.

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