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Day 17, Year of #Mygration: Photographing stateless people in Italy

Stateless people in Italy

In yesterday’s post, the words ‘practitioners and artists’ stood out to various readers who asked for more, so today we bring you On the Frontline: Photographing Stateless People in Italy.




There’s a small door that’s open on the right side of Ramadan and Elena’s trailer - its aluminium frame barely visible in the dim highway underpass where their mobile home sits propped up on bricks and throw-away stilts. A solitary streetlamp emits a faint amber glow, but no matter, the world beyond the door remains an impenetrable black. Just in front of it, out of what used to be an empty mud-filled stretch of unoccupied land, a backyard was willed into existence; evidence of children at work in its every corner: a soccer ball, a bicycle tipped on its side, a number of wooden sticks strewn randomly all over the patchy lawn which, I presume, the kids use to play catch with Rambo, the family’s crossbreed dog now intently observing my approach…

Denis Bosnic
Documentary Photographer and Film-maker

The introduction yesterday explained:

'In 2017, Tendayi Bloom, Lecturer in Politics and International Studies at The Open University, along with Katherine Tonkiss from Aston University and Phillip Cole from The University of the West of England, brought together twenty-four scholars, practitioners and artists to produce the new book, Understanding Statelessness (Routledge 2017). The book inspired a blog series in Discover Society, where you can find shorter essays written by some of the book's contributors, setting out their thinking about statelessness:

Discover Society 48: Trying to Understand Statelessness'

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