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People using sign language

Funding for Open Centre for Languages and Cultures

The Open Centre for Languages and Culture launched in October 2020, providing short courses which cover general linguistic and intercultural communication skills and specific industry-related support.

17th May 2021
Indian classroom with children and teacher

Open digital badges for teacher development

The Open University's Dr Simon Cross has been working with partners in India to establish the role for open digital badges in teacher professional development during a future with COVID-19.

17th May 2021
Team of social workers

Professional Development for Social Workers

A project has been funded by the OU to provide free continual professional development (CPD) resources for keyworkers during the pandemic.

17th May 2021
African students wearing facemasks and using a laptop

Pathways - e-Assessment for African Higher Education

A project funded by the OU is addressing the urgent need for online assessments across the African continent.

13th May 2021
Some long non-coding RNAs make it easier for cancer cells to multiply. nobeastsofierce/ Shutterstock

Cancer: how one type of RNA could be the future of treatment

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. So, in order to treat or cure almost any disease or condition – including cancer – you first need to have a fundamental understanding of cell biology.

7th May 2021
OU campus

OU recognised for health and inequalities in THE Impact Rankings 2021

The Open University (OU) has been recognised in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021 for its impact towards creating a sustainable future.

27th April 2021
Evening flood plains of river Thames near Oxford

Innovative research into carbon sequestration gets funding

An OU research partnership which will enable research into carbon sequestration - the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide - has received funding.

23rd April 2021
Settlement on the Moon

OU research into 3D printing on the Moon receives funding

A project, which will develop a payload to send to the Moon to see if the soil is suitable to build on, has received funding.

21st April 2021
NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter hovers over the Martian surface. NASA

Mars: how Ingenuity helicopter made the first flight on another planet

Imagine that you are flying a model helicopter or a drone. You are there with the auto controls. You switch them on. The rotors start to turn, gradually increasing their spin. You watch, then push the control for lift.

20th April 2021
Macadamia Nursery

OU celebrates postgraduate research students by planting trees

The Open University (OU) is planting trees in Bedfordshire and Malawi to celebrate its postgraduate research students.

20th April 2021

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