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Engineering student

Major funding for OU research degrees in STEM subjects

The OU has received just under £700,000 to expand its research degree capacity as part of the government’s investment of £179 million to support the next generation of scientists, mathematicians and engineers.

23rd March 2020
Pound sign

Why sterling has fallen off a cliff – and will probably keep going down

The British pound’s slide in value against the US dollar to less than US$1.15 on March 18, from over US$1.30 at the start of the month, partly reflects a familiar retreat into US assets as the global economy stalls due to the coronavirus panic.

20th March 2020
Bus. Pajor Pawel/Shutterstock

Buses need more than funding – they need a total redesign

Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister, set out a £5 billion boost for buses and cycling in February, promising to make buses more frequent with simpler and more affordable fares. A month later, BBC’s Panorama picked up the issue, highlighting the social and economic cost of bus service cuts over the past decade.

18th March 2020
Guardian Awards 2020 logo

OU citizen science platform shortlisted in Guardian University Awards 2020

An OU citizen science platform, which allows the public to act as scientists, is one of three projects shortlisted by the Guardian University Awards 2020.

18th March 2020
Some conspiracy theorists believe contrails are chemicals being sprayed for nefarious purposes. Shutterstock

How to spot a conspiracy theory when you see one

Anyone who engages critically with the phenomenon of conspiracy theories soon encounters a conundrum. Actual conspiracies occur quite regularly. Political assassinations, scandals and cover-ups, terrorist attacks and a lot of everyday government activity involves the collusion of multiple people in the attempt to bring about a desired outcome.

17th March 2020
The Rosalind Franklin rover. ESA, CC BY-NC-SA

ExoMars2020: how coronavirus played a part in postponement of Mars mission

In the five decades since we first started sending spacecraft to Mars, exploration of the red planet has had a poor record of success. It is only in the last few years that we have come to expect that the number of successes greatly outweighs the failures.

16th March 2020
Man using mobile phone whilst driving

OU research feeds into campaign on the dangers of mobile phone use while driving

An OU academic has fed her research into a campaign on the dangers of mobile phone use while driving, which begins this week (9 March 2020).

10th March 2020
Wet meadows

Research into the restoration of UK’s floodplain meadows to enter second phase

OU research into the restoration of UK’s floodplain meadows has just received £132,000 from the John Ellerman Foundation.

10th March 2020
Female lab assistant with petri dish

Collaborating with national organisations to extend online citizen science

A project which allows members of the public to engage with scientific research, has just received further funding.

3rd March 2020
Girl looking at moon through telescope

OU STEM research benefits from Europlanet 2024 grant

Open University research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) has received a European Commission grant which provides the planetary space community free access to the world’s largest collection of simulation and analysis facilities.

3rd March 2020

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